Os Gémeos

Os Gemeos
A video on the wonderful world of “Os Gémeos”. And what a video…

The Twins are a pair of identical twins graffiti of Sao Paulo, born in 1974, whose real names are Otavio and Gustavo Pandolfo. Formed in communication design at the School of the State Technical Carlos Campos, began painting graffiti in 1987 and gradually became one of the most important influences on the local scene, helping to define a ,Brazilian style of graffiti.

The work of the two are present in different cities of the United States, England, Germany, Greece, Cuba, among other countries. Topics range from family portraits to social and political criticism, the style was formed by both traditional and hip hop by graffiti. [1]

On May 22, 2008, executed the painting of the façade of Tate Modern in London for the exhibition Street Art, along with Brazilian graffiti artist ever, the group Faile from New York, JR from Paris, Blu, Italy; and Sixeart, Barcelona.

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  • terry says:

    QUALITY I really like this, Im not 1 for adding links in my replies but this reminds me of some similar stuff by graffiti artist “SER” at http://www.hire-a-graffiti-artist.co.uk there are a few more good graffiti artists on the site called Graffiti Kings that graffiti bedrooms, night clubs & everything else lol.

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