City as Canvas (Wooster Collective)

PSFK brings us Marc and Sara Schiller from Woostercollective, who gave a speech on street-art, and announce a book from Taschen that they’re working on, with 400 pages of Graffiti, street-art, urban performances and other forms of art.
This speech shows artwork from Banksy, Roadsworth, Mark Jenkins, Dan Witz, Laura Keebler, Decapitator, Dr. Gecko, JR and many others, with some insights on how some pieces were done.
“In this talk, Marc & Sara Schiller (Wooster Collective) explore the art of altering and adjusting public space to make it more “livable” and creative. They’ll discuss the effect of street art on our perception of the city and the motivation of its creators to enrich – not deface – their surroundings.”

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