Oooh baby I like it raw!!

Orelha Negra
Yeah baby I like it rawww!!! Orelha Negra surprised me since I didn’t knew the crew was made by all stars. Sam the Kid (MPC) and Cruzfader (on the decks), alonside with their amazing band composed by Francisco Rebelo (Guitar), João Gomes (Keys) and Ferrano (drums), who we’re used to listen in other projects like Cool Hipnoise. Loved the experience, and looking forward for a fisical album. Macacos put’d up a good show as well, with the theme “Festa” to end the night. It was like if we were back in the 90’s listening to a 2Unlimited top hit, ahah!
A ÚLTIMA SEITA kicked ass!
pic by Francisco Rebelo, and big thanks to Kwame and Tupac.

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  • phomer says:

    Foi engraçado no geral..Realemnte a cena de orelha negra resultou mt bem ao vivo..só foi pena aquele sitio ter uma acustica de merde e as falhas constantes no som,especialemtne durante os macacos, o alex n mercia aquilo.. nem nehnum deles nem o publico.. mt mau :S

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