“Something old, something new, something borrowed” coming

Underdogs gallery is getting ready to present the newest solo show by artist Add Fuel, taking place on the 3rd of February. Press release inside.

Press Release

Underdogs Gallery is proud to present “Something old, something new, something borrowed”, a solo exhibition by Portuguese visual artist Add Fuel in Lisbon, Portugal.

Based on the practice of articulation and reinterpretation that has characterised his artistic activity, Add Fuel presents in “Something old, something new, something borrowed” a staging of an intimist nature arranged in a type of idealised and stylised domestic setting – part genuinely cosy, part openly satirical –, that suggests
a narrative of decorative contours that aggregates a multiplicity of references, iconographies, and signs which, in one way or another, have contributed towards shaping his personal and artistic identity.

About the artist:
Add Fuel is Portuguese visual artist and illustrator Diogo Machado (1980). A former graphic designer, his recent artistic practice has been focused on reinterpreting and playing
with the language of traditional tile design, and that of the Portuguese tin-glazed ceramic azulejo in particular. Blending traditional and contemporary elements, his original vector- based designs and stencil-based street art reveal an impressive complexity and a masterful attention to detail. Based on
a combination of tesselations that create balance from symmetrical repetitions and visual illusion techniques such as trompe-l’œil, his multi-layered patterned compositions create a poetic rhythm that plays with the viewer’s perception and the possibilities of interpretation. He has been showcasing his work in both solo and group exhibitions since 2006, as well as participating in some of the world’s leading urban art events.

Opening reception with the artist:
Friday, 3 February 2017, 7pm – 10pm
Exhibition open until 4 March 2017

Gallery opening hours:
Tuesday to Saturday, from 2pm to 8pm
Free admission

Underdogs Gallery
Rua Fernando Palha, Armazém 56 – Lisbon, Portugal

Press and sales enquiries:

You can RSVP via Facebook

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