André Saraiva at MUDE

André Saraiva, or more commonly known as Monsieur A in the streets, opened his latest solo show in MUDE, Lisboa, on the 3rd of July. To a great surprise, the coming to Lisboa was welcomed by the city council of Lisboa and the Museum of  Design and Fashion (MUDE), who ended up providing the space for the exhibition. André Saraiva is known in the streets by it’s smiling character with fancy shoes and sometimes a hat. That character alone has been all over the world for the past years, and Portugal included. Back in the 90’s, André Saraiva made one of the most notorious murals in Amoreiras that stood for several years in it’s place, the famous Abraço mural. This exhibition acts as a retrospective of many of Mr. A works under many forms such as graffiti, painting, street art, installation, sculpture and film. The show is open until Sep 28.


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