“Find yourself in chaos” coming

The Underdogs is having it’s newest solo show by artist akaCorleone this Friday the 21st at the Underdogs gallery. If you’re familiar with his work, you know you won’t want to miss the opening. I heard he’ll be playing ping-pong and challenging people for bets over 100€. Now that’s something. More info inside.


Based on what the artist describes as “the chaos in which I constantly find myself and see around me”, the exhibition sets as objective the exploration of that vertigo of excess and saturation which characterises life in contemporary urban societies, setting out from his personal visual universe to create reflections and manipulation games where the author himself determines what information he wants to reveal or omit.


According to the artist’s statement: “The feeling of excess of information in the brain which makes it impossible to focus on one task alone, the idea that we’re never satisfied making us therefore accumulate, the visual pollution to which we submit ourselves without questioning, are notions I address in the works created for the exhibition.


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