“Fado é amor” by eime

Artist eime has recently been invited to produce a piece, which would result in the cover of the magazine Ípsilon, from Público. The photo used, is the one that commemorates 50 years of career by Carlos do Carmo, and used on his latest fado album. This wall can now be seen in Calçada do Monte, Graça. For more info, check the video interview & the making of.


eime_ccarmo1eime_ccarmo10 eime_ccarmo2eime_ccarmo12eime_ccarmo8eime_ccarmo9 eime_ccarmo4eime_ccarmo7eime_ccarmo3 eime_ccarmo5eime_ccarmo11eime_ccarmo13

Final cover


Photos thanks to Nuno Ferreira Santos (NFS) & Filipe Ferreira

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