“Capture the flag: conquer the divide!” by CYRCLE.

“Capture the flag: conquer the divide!” is the latest show by CYRCLE. for the Underdogs platform. Coming with a strong body of artworks, the exhibition dissects the timeless struggle of nations. In this case we are looking at America through the mythology of the Cowboy and the Indian, a great duality within American history. To promote the new show, Cyrcle. have also produced two walls in the streets of Lisboa, where you can see them here and here.

IMG_6268 IMG_6269 IMG_6270 IMG_6273 IMG_6276 IMG_6278 IMG_6281 IMG_6282 IMG_6285 IMG_6288 IMG_6292 IMG_6293 IMG_6294 IMG_6297 IMG_6300 IMG_6301 IMG_6306 IMG_6307 IMG_6310 IMG_6312 IMG_6314 IMG_6317 IMG_6318 IMG_6326

The show is present until August 3rd. More info here.


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