Looking back 2012

Looking Back

Starting 2013 with the promise of more and better posts, seems to be the right thing to do, but the truth is, 2012 brought many personal changes that made the website come to some stops every now and then. The future doesn’t seem much freer, and doing this for the love of it is still what makes it go forward. So let’s try and make 2013 a banging year!

Looking back at the numbers:

Now with 4 years up and running, this year took a huge bump of significant posts that actually made the homepage. Still, 163 posts made it to the frontpage. Here’s some stats, facts or stupid stuff I find looking back at the year data.

Top Blog Posts (most seen):

  1. /vhils-in-alfama
  2. /diorama-by-vhils
  3. /google-street-view-lisbon
  4. /isaltino-morais-street
  5. /new-vhils-in-lisboa
  6. /a-blue-bag-for-a-deputy
  7. /arte-publica-nao-comissionada-workshop
  8. /os-gemeos-blu-sam3-in-lisboa
  9. /highlights-of-2011
  10. /por-um-pais-mais-pobre

Top countries (most visits):

  1. Portugal
  2. United States
  3. Switzerland
  4. United Kingdom
  5. France

Less known:

Greenland is still a far away place to catch.

WTF keywords:

  • 2008; tesouros submersos do antigo egito, chiado 8, lisboa, 2008.
  • adega dos passarinhos setubal contacto
  • alameda dos oceanos – torreão euro rscg – parque das nações
  • alexandre fados graffiti lissabon
  • am i just paranoid, or is someone filming me
  • assestitties
  • banksy art pacman
  • berlin dj sarah
  • best sluty santa
  • big klit photo
  • blonde hair girl snoging a black hair boy
  • dsc06803.jpg
  • enologa rita carvalho
  • forcibly sodomized
  • graffiti de anabela
  • how did judah die in weeds
  • how to draw like the cabidela ninjas
  • maria no rest for the ass
  • qual o país mais pobre do music of 2012
  • power point sobre graffitis portugal
  • stick de portugal
  • videospeludas,com


Final words


I wish to thank everyone who’s been following on Portuguese urban art through this blog, via Twitter or Facebook page. All the support has been overwhelming throughout the year, and surely 2013 will bring us many new pieces to admire. See you soon.

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