Walk & Talk 2012 Opening day

Walk and Talk

If you haven’t heard by now, either on twitter or facebook, Walk & Talk is up an running an we’re doing the coverage, spreading as much photos as we can. The official Walk & Talk opening day was back on Friday, with the gallery welcoming the present artists, sponsors and talking to the press in the morning. Later in the night, 37.25 performance gave the official kickoff for the night with the collective gallery. Inside the gallery, the artists list gathered Alma (Colectivo Rua), Ângela Alegria, Anoik, Ayako, Beatriz Brum, Bianca Arruda, Draw (Colectivo Rua), Fungis Magic Truxis, Hazul, Isabela Pimentel, João Samina, Laro Vilas Boas, Leonardo Baer Araujo, Mariana a Miserável, Natalia Rak, Otilia Botelho, Paulo Mota, Phomer, Plastessina, Rising Hands, Rui Soares, Sofia Caetano, Tomás Toste, Topo, Vanessa Branco, Wasted Rita & Zana. To help the party going, Topo Copy had a copy machine and their Torso Copy project on, which made the night a whole lot fun.

Starting the day with the press


37.25 Núcleo de Artes Performativas

The Gallery

Let’s begin!

Work in progress shots of the pieces coming soon, so stay tuned for more.

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