Uprising to Downrating

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After Moody’s rated our country as “Junk” (Ba2 in their scale) several actions started to take notice, from random people flooding the contact form of the Moody’s website, to creative companies making some videos on it, to artists such as iamfromLX. Check the video inside.

“Uprising to Downrating” by IamfromLX

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“World top Influencer Moody’s Investors Service rated this week our country as “Junk” (Ba2 in their scale), after we negotiated a $116 billion rescue package in May. They are only trying to raise the pressure on Euro zone governments to work out a lasting solution to their financial woes.
We all have our opinions, and so do i base mines on facts.
I´M NOT TRASH, neither my country is.
And since we are talking about “names” or “brands”, i would like to give them a small payback taste of what downrating is all about..”

by IamfromLx

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