Janina Brandão

Janina Brandao
Some works that seem to have passed by me unnoticed are the amazing posters created by Janina Brandão last summer, with a take on the state of the art in Portugal, for her final school project. This was done in Porto and is exactly what I wanna see being done more and more in Portugal. Good works showing up on the streets.

The state of the Art

“Hi, I’m the friend of the cousin of the stepdaughter of the niece of the aunt of the mother-in-law of Inês and I’d like to exhibit in this gallery.”


Portuguese Culture:
– Soccer
– Feitiço de Amor (Soap Opera)
– Tony Carreira (Portuguese Singer)
– Revista FHM (Men magazine)
– Sempre a Somar (Late Night Call-Tv Show)
– Art”

“In Portugal we paint on the outside”

Looking for Graphical Designer Intern
Must have knowledges in:
– Copy Machines
– Coffee Machines
– Printers
– Equipment Maintenance
– Deliveries
– Reply in letter to nº660″

More resources:


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