VSP Visual Street Performance 2009

VSP 09 Inauguration
This post comes with a week delay, but not having internet at home makes it all harder. That said, here’s the whole story inside and a bunch of links to both the inauguration day (26th) and the car painting day (29th) pictures.

The event had just started when I decided to go in. It was around 22h and my brothers were with me, as their desire to see the school they had been studying in the early years was the same as mine two weeks ago. As soon as they enter, something really funny happened. They did exactly the same thing I did when I was there for the first time. I started going where no student had gone before, entering rooms with no lights and the cellphone in the right hand illuminating the areas. It was crazy to see that they reacted the same way, running away from me for 5minutes, with me telling them upstairs “fuckers, come back” and they were just “yeah yeah, in a minute”.

So this year the rooms we’re kind of taken in pairs, making Mar and Klit together, followed by the hall from Time, and the Mosaik room in front, and ending in the final rooms with Hium and HBSR, and Monster (I am from lx) and Vhils. In the other side of the school, there was also the special collaboration of Bray and Chure, who gave some colors to the bar room. But enough talking and off to the pics of the event.

Then, on the 29th there was also some things going on, with a car being painted by some of the members who were present. Mosaik, Time, Monster and Hium give it a go, but it didn’t took much till the rain came along and ruined the rest of the day. Still, I got some pics from that day as well. Enjoy…

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