It was around 2am when I decided to head over to Lux. I knew it was late, but gave it a go anyway. Ouch… What an ugly night outside. Everybody trying to get inside Lux, (the biggest queue I had ever seen) and so much confusion that after an hour, there’s a voice that shouts “THE DOORS ARE CLOSED”. That’s when bottles started flying in the air, and police where swinging their bats like there’s no tomorrow. An ugly show to an over capacitated night. Didn’t get to see Atrak but as things were going, I guess inside would only be the same. Hell all over! Nuno Lopes and lot’s more other familiar faces from the night clubbing were outside, just waiting to see how it would work. Being on the guestlist just wasn’t enough for that night. You’d need that “employers only” back door to really get in at that time. Instead, finished the night listening to an air pilot stories, which was rather interesting… Roger that! Over and out…
pic by Pastel1970

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