VSP 09 Introduction

VSP 09
This years Visual Street Performance (VSP) has a special meaning to me, being that the Lisboa 2009 edition will take place in my childhood school. Visual Street Performance if you don’t know it by now, is a yearly exhibition of some of the finest, most active graffiti artists of Portugal, composed by several members of the LEG crew and others, always with special guest artists along the process.
Many memories show up when remembering the days, and this will surely be an outstanding event as usual. Being that this is a special place to me, I decided to contact Leonor Viegas (who has been working with the artists in the past editions of VSP) to make a special photo preview/teasers of the upcoming VSP Lisboa.
Seeing this place abandoned as it was after the years, it gives me great pleasure to see it taking new forms to a new breed, therefore making me want to be present for this time of change.
Catch back soon…

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