VSP 09 background

I got there just in time. Works were just starting out, so I basically had the whole school to myself just to give it that one last snapshot before it quickly starts to fade away into brand new colors. And believe or not, I only knew 30% of the school when I was little, being that 50% of the building was actually the residence of one of the school “presidents”, and the rest was just off limits to students. As I start to get inside the school, one of the very first questions Leonor did to me was “in which year did you studied here? 91? 92? Cause we still have some old files.” but I quickly replied, “nah, no way you’ll have my files”. So we get going inside and I just couldn’t believe it. My class room was at the time working for 2 grades at the same time and it was huge, but nowadays when you grow up it’s like “how the hell was that big?”. Memories started jumping to my head… Entering the classroom and singing the national anthem, making a queue to wash our teeth. Yeap, this was the room alright. After doing some field reckon and taking some of my pics inside the school, I went back to the room Leonor was in, and Igor bursts in the door with a hand full of files and asks my full name. I couldn’t believe it, but there it was. My class file from 92/93. I opened the file and checked out the names and indeed it was my 4th grade class. I was appalled. I was back to my roots 16 years after my last year there. So, today all I want to share with you is my school before VSP starts to take form. Pics? Right this way

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