Secret Wars Lisboa *event*

Secret Wars is coming this Friday to Lisbon. Madame, Leonor Viegas and Monorex brought the second part of the event to our country. It’s the second meeting of the teams between Portugal and England, and the rules are simple: 90 mins on the clock, black paint only, no sketches, no pencils, each team draws on a side of a wall.
The portuguese team is built by Hium, Mar and Klit (Leg) vs Disco, Jimi Crayon and Running in my Veins (Monorex). During the first part in London, the english team won by 3-0, so let’s see what the portuguese team prepare this time.
You can also try and win some Reebok sneakers here.
Music with Bomberjack, Rui Miguel Abreu, Violet, Tekilla // BBoys Battle: InMotion crew VS Fomula Armada
Friday, July 10, 2009 at 10:00pm // Rua do Beato, n30, Lisboa // Entry: 5 Buckeroos

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