Catching up with Vhils

Catching up with Vhils
Vhils recently had 2 pieces at the Lazarides Opening of their new London Gallery Space at Rathbone Place. Besides that, he was also involved in a project called Tunnel 228. A space curated by Kevin Spacey. Yes, the man itself. And portuguese Vhils was asked to join the art performance with a piece of his own. I got a hold of a copy of the catalog from the Tunnel 228, and you can check some pictures inside.

Kevin Spacey has turned some disused tunnels in Waterloo into a theatre/art installation, but the art also lies in how to find it, with the only information punters have to go on being a less than self-explanatory website.
Spacey blogged this week: “Those of you going to just need to look a little harder to see where to click. It’s performance art, so play along.”

Cover of catalog Tunnel 228Inside cover of catalog Tunnel 228Vhils @ Tunnel 228Vhils @ Tunnel 228

Pics from the catalog of Tunnel 228

More pics from the Lazarides Opening here.
And pics from the Tunnel 228 here.

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