March, 2012

The Rainbow Guardian

The Rainbow Guardian by MAR

In antecipation of his new solo show coming tonight (info here), GonçaloMar was invited by Balneário to paint one of the sides of Lx Factory….

“Blyton” coming

Galeria Dama Aflita, one of the coolest galleries up north will be curating “Blyton” collective show this Saturday, at Pensão Favorita, with Diogo Rapazote, João Drumond,…


“Oil wars” coming

Ligone is throwing a small show this Friday in Setúbal with fellow artists Mark Goss (UK), Michiel Van Der Born (NL), Dzia (BE) and Gert Van Goethem…


Vhils in Shanghai

Staying for a big period of time in Shangai, Vhils has left more than the usual sum of works in the streets. While working…